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Application for Employment

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances that prohibit discrimination against qualified applicants and employees.

Miami Beach, FL

Property Management

Position(s) applied for *

Personal Information

Have you ever used another name for work, business or school? *
Are you at least 18 years of age? *
Have you ever filed an application with us before? *
Have you ever been employed with us before? *
Can you travel if the job requires it? *
Can you relocate if the job requires it? *
Do you currently use illegal drugs (for example: marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, speed, LSD, etc.)? *
Will you agree to be tested for the current illegal use of drugs? *
Have you ever been convicted, pled guilty or received court-ordered community service, deferred adjudication, probation or pre-trial diversion for any crime (misdemeanors and felonies)? You may be asked to verify any criminal record. *
If yes, please list all misdemeanors and felonies (other than parking tickets and minor driving violations) for which you have been convicted, pled guilty, or received court-ordered community service, deferred adjudication, probation, or pre-trial diversion. List the year, location and type of crime


High School
Select numbers of years completed
Did you graduate?
Select numbers of years completed
Did you graduate?
Trade or Vocational School
Select numbers of years completed
Did you graduate?
Indicate all languages you can speak, read and/or write below

Licenses and Certifications

Do you have any professional or vocational licenses (real estate, plumbing, electrician, air conditioning, pest control applicator, etc.) or certifications (such as, CAM, CAMT, CAPS, NALP or CPM) that relate to the job for which you are applying?
If yes, please describe below:
Have you ever had a license or certification (if any) revoked, suspended or curtailed?

Driving Record

Please answer the following questions if the position you are applying for requires driving a motor vehicle:
Do you have a valid Driver’s License?
Have you been convicted of or pled guilty to any traffic related offense within the past five years?
Have you had your driver’s license suspended or revoked or had your driving privileges modified by a court of law?

Employment Experience

Provide all employment information for the past 10 years, or 5 employers, whichever is greater.
We contact an applicant’s current and previous employers for verification of references.
Are you currently employed?
May we contact your current employer at this time?
(Permission to contact your employer for a reference check will be required before hiring.)
Dates Employed:
Hourly Rate / Salary:
Reason For Leaving:
Dates Employed:
Hourly Rate / Salary:
Reason For Leaving:
Dates Employed:
Hourly Rate / Salary:
Reason For Leaving:
Dates Employed:
Hourly Rate / Salary:
Reason For Leaving:
Dates Employed:
Hourly Rate / Salary:
Reason For Leaving:
Have you ever been terminated from employment or asked to resign by any employer?


Not relatives or acquaintances of less than 2 years
Limit to landlords in previous 24 months

Additional Information

Other Qualifications
Specialized Skills
Check Skills/Equipment Operated
Are you capable of performing the activities involved in the job or occupation of which you have applied with or without a reasonable accommodation?
A description of the activities involved in such a job or occupation is attached.

Applicant's Authorization

I give the employer and authorized representatives the right to make a thorough investigation of any of the information I have provided and to perform reference/background checks. These investigations may involve contact with my family, current and former business associates, and neighbors, as well as public authorities and others with whom I am acquainted.

Any conditional offer of employment may require that I undergo and pass a physical examination and/or substance abuse evaluation provided at the employer’s expense, by a physician approved by the employer. I understand that if I refuse to be tested, or if the drug test results are positive for the use of illegal drugs, I will not be considered for employment.

I understand that the employer may request that I take job-related written and skill tests (if applicable) for the job for which I am applying. I understand that if I refuse to be tested I will not be considered for employment.

I authorize all current and former employers, educational institutions, and military authorities, whether or not listed on the application, to furnish the employer with complete information concerning my employment, academic transcripts, and service records. The information requested may include inquiries regarding my work habits, other related activities, abilities, character and the cause of my separation.

I release each of the above references and the employer and their authorized representatives from any liability or damages, including my non-employment, that may result from the furnishing of or the use of any of the information set forth in this application or obtained as a result thereof.

I understand that, should the employer employ me, my employment is “at will”. Employment at will means that I may resign my employment at any time, with or without reason or cause and that I may be terminated at any time by the employer, with or without reason or cause, with or without prior notice. The employer will not be liable for any wages, salary, or other benefits other than those earned prior to the termination of my employment. No written or oral offer of employment, or other benefits related to employment will be viewed as establishing an employment contract.

If employed, I will abide by the employer’s current and continually modified policies, procedures, and/or rules. I understand that the employer requires reliable attendance and job performance. I understand that the employer may require that I work various shifts and/or schedules. I understand that any employment is subject to a change in conditions, wages, benefits, and company policies.

I understand that if the employer extends a conditional offer of employment, I may be asked to sign the following authorizations and/or documents:

  • Authorization for Criminal Background Checks
  • Authorization for Medical Exam
  • Authorization to Test for the Current Use of Illegal Drugs
  • Authorization to Obtain Consumer Reports (as required by the federal Fair Credit Act)
  • Driver’s License or other identification
  • Federal I-9 Form including verification of right to work

I certify that all statements contained in this application (including attachments, if any) are true, correct and complete. If the employer, during its investigation of my application, or later if I am employed, discovers that statements have been omitted or are false, incomplete, or misleading, I understand that I may receive no further consideration for employment and that this will result in grounds for dismissal.

I understand that completion of this application does not mean that I have been offered employment or an employment contract.