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Mission, Vision, Values

Successful companies operate with a clear sense of purpose. Gumenick Properties' Mission Statement expresses precisely our business goals and provides us with a focal point that reflects our history, our knowledge and our experience.


The Mission of Gumenick Properties is to create value by developing, acquiring and managing quality real estate while providing excellent customer service. Goals are important for individuals and for organizations. At Gumenick Properties, we have developed a clear sense of the company we wish to be. That ideal is expressed in our Vision Statement.


Building on our foundation of high integrity and philanthropy, we are committed to our heritage and reputation by continuing to provide value, innovation and excellence in all our endeavors. With a sense of pride and respect for others, we will pursue personal responsibility, a sense of spirit and a commitment to the success of our employees, our customers, our community and each other.


Integrity - Honesty and fairness are essential to the way we do business and how we interact with people. We will take personal responsibility for our actions.

Respect For People - We treat each other fairly, with trust and respect, valuing cultural and individual differences. We will create a culture, which values teamwork and individual development.

Ethical Conduct - While successful achievement of our goals is paramount, we will operate in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.

Community - We are committed to enriching and improving the vitality of our communities. We accomplish this by encouraging involvement of all employees in community activities and through development of fine communities.

Value - We are committed to continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, and will always strive to anticipate and satisfy customer expectations.

Innovation - We are committed to continually enhancing our products and services by embracing creativity and encouraging the pursuit of new opportunities.

Financial Viability - We are committed to producing strong and consistent financial results to remain a profitable company.